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Re: Tarantino's Hateful Eight is canned

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It certainly seems to be a purely emotional reaction. How many actual moviegoers would have really known about the script, much less the plot? And even for those who do know the plot, consider how many people see movies based on books they've read. Really, there's no rational reason to cancel (or postpone) the production. I certainly understand the emotion - the feeling of betrayal. But the decision seems ... irrational to me - even if he doesn't rule out going forward later on, after the book is published.
His script, his movie, his prerogative.

Also, let's not forget that what this amounts to is theft of personal and (I think?) intellectual property. I think anyone here would be quite rightly pissed off if someone they trusted stole from them.
Nobody stole anything. He sent out an unmarked script to actors, and they gave it to their agents. And since nothing on the script said "don't give it away" the agents gave it away, becuase that's what they do. It's normal business. Tarantino is throwing one of his temper tantrums.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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