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Re: Anger or Sadness

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For me, it was Brooks in DS9's "Emissary." That sequence aboard the doomed Saratoga when the Bolian security chief pulled Sisko away from his dead wife and his cry of anguish was something I'll never forget.

Later on, when Sisko finally met Picard, I genuinely thought Sisko was going to strangle him. That look of barely contained anger in Sisko's demeanor and voice, yeah, that was another good moment for Brooks, IMO.

Definitely my two favorites from Sisko. The seething rage he had was moving.

I'd also add:

Others mention Kirk's "Khan!' anger, and his sadness after both Spock and David die. Totally agree! I'd add Kirk's eulogy of Spock "His was the most...human," speech, and "Let's get the hell out of here," in City on the Edge of Forever.

Picard's "...And I will make them pay!" speech.

Spock touching the door after his mother leaves, after refusing to turn command over to Scotty, in Journey to Babel gets me every time.

Yes it is way over acted, but how can you not mention Spock mind-melding with the horta? "Pain!'

When Riker is forced to kill Yuta in Vengeance Factor you can tell he is sad, but holding it in.

Whenever Dukat was enraged...too many to list.
Dukat when Zial dies

Data's non-emotional sadness when Laal dies, and when he deactivates Lore for the final time.

When Worf kills Duras.
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