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Re: NuTrek's Faulty Moral Compass

Brutal Strudel wrote: View Post
It was right up until it wasn't and that was when Spock spares Khan not out of Vulcan respect for life, not out of Starfleet or Federation respect for the rule of law, not out of disgust at the wild savage he had reverted to but out of the emotionally resonant but ultimately selfish desire to bring Kirk back from the dead.
The issue there was time, as was said before.

Crazy Eddie wrote: View Post
Except that I'm pretty sure Khan exhausted their supply of moral enlightenment when he took over the Vengeance and tried to kill them all. This, after Kirk and crew had risked their lives coming down to apprehend him and make him stand trial instead of assassinating him outright, after they put themselves in harms way to serve justice instead of petty revenge. If there was any shred of forgiveness left on the Enterprise after Kirk died, Khan smashed it to a pulp when he intentionally crashed the Vengeance into San Francisco.
And they STILL manage to capture him and put him on ice rather than kill him. I'd say they're pretty moral.

CommishSleer wrote: View Post
He had the means to do it.
Slight correction: he didn't. He didn't have any red matter left at that point.
And that's my opinion.
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