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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Alpha Cygnus IX.
B is for Broccoli, a/k/a Barclay. It shouldn't do that. Well, of course it shouldn't do that. He means... it shouldn't do that.
C is for Capella IV.
D is for Denobula Triaxa.
E is for El-Adrel IV.
F is for Falor Prime.
G is for Galorndon Core.
H is for Helix, where the Suliban hang out! Great disco rooms there
I is for Indri VIII.
J is for Jupiter, home to Jupiter Station.
K is for the Kazon Nistrum of the Delta Quadrant.
L is for Lori Ciana, who perished in a transporter accident along with Commander Sonak.
M is for Makus III.
N is for Narendra III.
O is for Omicron Ceti III.
P is for Psi 2000.
Q is for Qualor II.
R is for Rigel XII.
S is for Sybok's shaggy hair. An untypical hairstyle for a Vulcan, but then Sybok was not the typical Vulcan.
T is for Tachyon detection grid.
U is for Uhura's 'hailing frequencies'. Which are 'always open'. My type of woman.
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