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Re: If Nazi's had not been defeated space timeline reasonable?

I strongly disagree with you on the last point. We are talking about a completely imaginary "what if" scenario here. Any assumption is as good as any other for the simple fact that it's a question of imagination. Ignorance or knowledge about WW2 have nothing whatsoever to do with it.
If I, being a native German, can accept the topic and discuss it without calling people ignorant for no other reason than them disagreeing with me, why can't you?

I do agree with you that the 3rd Reich was certainly instable and that Hitler distrusted his fellows. I do, however, disagree on your theory of him deliberately playing the fool. In my opinion (based on many speeches, books, laws, etc. he made) he was really pretty unhinged from the start and it got more obvious every year.
The only positive things I could say about him is that he really loved his dogs and that he was a dangerousely gifted speaker. Initially, it must have been hard for people to resist his lure. When it became clear that he was loosing his grip on reality, it was already too late. Not so much because of the consequences people had to fear but to a far bigger extent due to the proverbial "Nibelungentreue", a typical German character trait. We stick to our friends/leaders/whatever, no matter what. It's a matter of honour and honour is more important than survival.
That's the way people used to think back then and my generation of Western Germans still does. It's different with people from the former GDR -they were very strongly influenced by the Sovjet occupation and developed a different moral codex while after the "denazification" we pretty much carried on where we left in 45.

And - to return to the topic - we stayed on course also as far as space travels are concerned. We think a space programme of our owns would be too expensive while we need the money for more important things (schools, hospitals, bribing politicians). We joined the European space programme and we offer mainly intellectual support. We still have good mathematicians and physicists, build excellent optical instruments and have rather good IT specialists. We have a handfull of astronauts but mostly we stick with sending experimental kits to the ISS rather than humans. And we are quite content with things as they are.
And since we are the grandchildren of the Nazis (and of the resistance, of course), I think we can fairly assume that our other selves in the different timeline wouldn't be all that different from us as our families and our ways of thinking would still be very much the same, only some moral values (but not all) would be different.

As for the use of false information in order to lure people into a war, may I respectfully remind you of certain "proof" about Iraq possessing biological weapons which was used as an excuse to start a war on them? Only, I might add, to find out later that said "proof" was utterly and completely faked by the Bush administration.
Please, get me right: I'm not accusing you. I am merely trying to point out that you are on the verge of applying different standards to the use of the same method because one party is someone you don't know and the other party is your own people. It's only natural and very human to feel so loyal but in a discussion one must attempt to put loyalties aside and remain fair and open-minded.
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