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Re: Best TV Show Ever Comes to DVD End of April

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I've never heard that.
Unless you go to websites like Home Theater Forum, you'll never hear all of the bitching that goes on at these sites about how classic TV shows have been butchered, but believe me, it's there.

These people act as if Shout Factory doesn't have to deal with music publishing companies or with the individuals that own the music used in many of the older shows, or that Shout Factory usually has to go with what they're given as far as prints are concerned-and they also don't care that Shout Factory is a small company that can't go splurging on TV shows to the exclusion of everything else.

So they sit on their bums and complain about how they've been betrayed by Shout Factory and other home video companies, when in certain cases like that of the (IMHO) non-debacle centered around the music of The Fugitive DVD sets (Season 2 & 3) being replaced by new music, they really should be going after the rights holder companies/individuals that control said music pieces and giving them a piece of their minds and also telling them to be not so greedy (the same should also go with the executives at the studios as well, and they should also go after the local TV stations and tell them to stop showing infomercials and start showing the reruns that they're supposed to be showing.)

I'd say that you should just ignore them when they say this about Shout Factory, but I don't think that it's a big deal.
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