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Re: Which ship if you were captain?

Hmm... from canon? Galaxy, easily. Best-looking, well-rounded, interesting missions.

I want to say Akira, too, but... we really don't know anything about that damned class. But, if we go with the interpretation that makes it a combat-focused cruiser, not necessarily to the extent of the Defiant but more so than most ships its size (so it could still engage in some exploration, but would always be expected to be ready to respond to a tactical situation), then I'd be up for that, as well.

And speaking of non-canon things: if we are including entirely fan-made ships, this would be one of my top choices as well. I absolutely love the design, and back when I had my own ideas for Trek fics, I saw this and immediately envisioned it as a cutting-edge "light explorer" (i.e. more or less what Voyager seemed to be) launched in the late 24th century, which could also serve as a new tech testbed.
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