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Re: NuTrek's Faulty Moral Compass

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It's funny when people take their own lack of analysis and insight as a proof of the movies's faults.

Say what you will about its quality (there is no accounting for taste), but you can't ignore it tackles very current issues like the lawfulness of preemptive strikes, drone warfare, state-sponsored terrorism, etc.
as opposed to your analysis which is clearly that of someone who did a degree in the film? arrogance does not equate superiority my friend.

like I said I think the films are good if you take them in their own right, but within Trek? they just aren't anything like as deep or meaningful to me, maybe it's because I grew up with the original Trek and TNG, but it just doesn't make me think or feel in the same way when I watch the new films, as action sci-fi? they are among the best out there for sure. thats just the thing though, they don't really tackle those issues, the issues are there yes but there is no in depth discussion about them, no exploration of what they mean, no wider debate within the film about them being right or old Trek films and series there would have been, for me that's the key difference, the older Trek would go deeper, it would explore issues not just have them there to give reason to the special effects, the new films are more about the action and are very light on the deeper meanings of the issues at play.

you are entitled to disagree of course, but this is how I feel about the new films, like I said taking them for what they are they are great, but as what sci-fi does at its best or what Trek is about? they can't hold a candle to the older stuff.
Arrogance does not equate to superiority, but ignorance does not equate to observation either. You are obviously entitled to your own opinion, but it's still wrong.

I know the explosions were kinda loud and the lens flares kinda distracting, but if you got out of the cinema not knowing if the narrative condemned or condoned preemptive strikes and drone warfare, you simply weren't paying attention. Kirk went along with that plan, and almost lost his soul for it (and he did lost his life, magic blood notwithstanding).

Of course old Trek would have handled thing differently: they would have briefings, and stuffy discussions, maybe an impassioned speech or two. People would talk and time will pass. Don't get me wrong, I love TNG and TOS, but this is a different product. You don't like it, that's fine. But you can't condemn it because it's different. Beside, it's not like TOS was a hugely cerebral show: it just looks like that compared with the dreadful landscape that was TV in that period.

Also, funny how you assume people who like the new movies didn't "grew up" with TOS and TNG. Because of course a "real fan" can't like the new movies. We must all be whippersnappers and hipster punks.
way to ignore of half of what I said, who were you calling ignorant?

I see you are not worth trying to discuss anything with.
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