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Re: Star Trek: Phase II - "Kitumba" Officially Released!

One question the editor, Mark Lewis put to me and wanted me to discuss, was KíSiaís bullwhip.

So here we go:

The whip is a VERY difficult weapon to master. Unlike a sword, which can at least be stabbed-with or flailed by even a neophyte and still be dangerous to an opponent, a bullwhip or stockwhip is much less forgiving, and will more likely bite its own user before hurting someone else. Thatís why KíSia carries one; itís a sign of a skill level few Klingons possess, a sign of more disciplined training than is usually seen with bladed weapons. Thereís an elegance to it as well, and unlike a sword, batíleth, daq-tag or other bladed weapons, a whip can be used to maim OR to gently touch; it can deliver a powerful supersonic blow and can REMOVE a weapon from an opponentís hand.
The whip seen in KITUMBA was one I had custom-made by a whipmaker in Montana named Jack Perry. Itís one he makes as part of his brand, and is patterned DIRECTLY after the whip used by Vincent Price in DeMilleís TEN COMMANDMENTS.

Just FYI!

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