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Re: Best TV Show Ever Comes to DVD End of April

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Really? What botched releases?

Possibly the most egregious example is when the company got the rights to All in the Family after Sony lost interest in releasing the series after season six. Shout inexplicably transfered the series, which had been originally shot on videotape, using a frame speed intended for film. The result was a Season 7 AITF release in which the action moved at a jerkily, unnatural pace almost as if Archie and Edith and Mike and Gloria were all claymation figures.
As amateurish as the above example is, it can be attributed to human error. Some of the company's other actions have smacked of deceit towards potential customers. Consider the case of the television series Rhoda, where prior to release SF spokesman Brian Ward claimed that all the episodes in the then-forthcoming DVD release would be all uncut, and that the company had worked hard to ensure that this was so. When Rhoda hit the market, it turned out that two-thirds of the episodes were cut for syndication and badly so. "I'll never forgive him (Ward) for the Rhoda Season 1 deception" wrote one Rhoda fan on hometheatreforums.
When Shout Factory acquired the rights from Route 66 from fly-by-night Image Entertainment, whose poor-quality season one DVDs of the series had been subject to much criticism, Shout planned a full series release. To mollify fans who had already bought Infinity's first three seasons (of four), Brian Ward strongly gave the impression through specific comments that the company would be remastering the entire series and the prints used would be completely different from what Infinity had earlier released. When concerns were raised about a syndicated cut episode from Infinity's set, Ward assured posters to SF's forum that "We are doing everything we can to make sure we have the complete episodes." When the set came out, it was found that all the episodes were exactly the same as the ones Infinity had released, including the cut for syndication episode, even though Columbia House had released an uncut pristine version of the same episode on VHS just a few years before. In my amazon review of "Route 66 The Complete Series" I described Shout Factory as a "cheap, lazy, and unethical company" - harsh words, but considering the circumstances, accurate.
SF has also released sets of the series Mr. Ed with syndicated cut episodes even though cable rerun stations have rerun uncut prints for years. These are just a few examples, I am sure there must be more.

I hope for the sake of HSB fans that your series gets the release it deserves. But, like I said earlier, I'd keep my fingers crossed.
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