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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Chapter 13: The 11th Doctor
The 11th Doctor’s TARDIS
Felicia Lovell awoke, on the floor of a TARDIS corridor. It looked much the same, but she knew that it was an even earlier version of the TARDIS. ‘And which version of the Doctor…’ she pondered. She stood up and decided to try to find the Doctor. ‘He’s likely to be in the console room.’

Felicia soon found the console room, but it was empty. “Doctor?”

No answer. She decided to sit by the console and wait.

After another five minutes, she heard a sound. She turned and saw the Doctor walking down the stairs.

“Hello, Doctor,” she said.

The Doctor turned to her. “How did you enter my TARDIS?” he asked in a dark tone.

The Doctor’s tone unnerved Felicia. “I came from a future version of it. I normally travel with your incarnation after the next,” she said with slight fright.

The Doctor appeared to be in thought. “You don’t seem to be lying.”

“I’m not!”

The Doctor turned to the console. “You’re right. The sensors did record some sort of anomalous activity within the TARDIS structure.”

“That would be right.”

“You said the incarnation after next?”


“That’s impossible!” The Doctor said.

“Not impossible!” Felicia said. “I have been travelling with him for five months.”

“I have run out of regenerations!”

Felicia thought for a moment. “Maybe you obtained some more?” she asked.

“Unlikely, the Time Lords are gone!” The Doctor thought for a moment. “Or maybe, River did more than save my life. Either that or the Sisterhood broke the rules and gave me extra...”

“Probably, Ms. Song, whoever she is.”


“So you believe me?”

“Yes, it means that I’ll survive whatever is coming,” the Doctor said sardonically.

Felicia wasn’t sure to what the Doctor was referring to. “What are you saying?” she asked after a few moments.

“Something in the universe is out to get me. Some kind of conspiracy involving a race of ‘Silents.’ Anyone who sees them would not remember afterwards.”

Felicia was dubious. “And you know of them, how?”

“Myself and a few companions found out a way around that limitation.”

“Are they here, in the TARDIS?”

“No, they have stopped travelling with me,” he said morosely.

“Oh,” Felicia said. ‘They must have parted on bad terms,’ she decided, but the Doctor refuted that...

“A little run in with Weeping Angels!” he banged his fist against the console.

“Yikes!” Felicia said. That was one force of the Doctor’s enemies that she didn’t want to meet.

The Doctor just looked at her. She held back a shudder.

Felicia then waited for the Doctor to say more. “So, where are we going?”

“I’m chasing an impossible mystery. You don’t know anyone named Clara Oswin Oswald, do you?”

Felicia shook her head. “No.”

“I have met her twice, and she died both times.”

“She couldn’t have come back to life?”

“No, the first time the planet blew up. She had been turned into a Dalek anyway. The second time there was definitely a body.”

“Seems impossible.”

“It is, their personalities were the same, and they used the same phrases. They like making soufflés.”

Felicia then decided to ask the Doctor to help her to look for her Doctor. “You don’t want to help me look for my Doctor?” she asked. ‘Or the one I just left,’ she thought whimsically.

“Any particular reason? I could just drop you home.”

“You could do that, but I would like to see my version of the Doctor first.”

“You may give me spoilers about my incarnation after next. Then that information will be fixed. I already know that I’ll meet you in that incarnation. Not to say that I now know that I’ll actually have that incarnation!”

“He’ll be looking for me with you after having determined that I’m no longer with his immediate predecessor.”

“You did it again! Don’t do that!”

“You needed to know that.”

The Doctor thought for a moment. “I suppose I did. But no more information about my future!”

“Unless I can’t help it,” Felicia teased.

The Doctor moodily looked at her. “Just be careful about you say.”


“And now I’ll have to break that rule to help you,” the Doctor said even more moodily.

“How so?”

“I need to know where you were so we can trace the future TARDIS’s.”

“Not much help there.”

“How so?”

“In the first place, the TARDIS had been going off course. We had just left the Azores in 2018. Secondly, we had just come back from another universe.”

“Minimal information, good. I don’t want to know what’ll happen at the Azores or how the TARDIS will work in that other universe,” the Doctor said. He laid in a course.

However after a moment he saw that the TARDIS had set a different course. He tried to set it back to the Azores, but the setting didn’t budge. “Of course, she knows where she was going to go if you hadn’t come, so she’s going anyway!”

“Maybe she has located this Oswin person,” Felicia considering that the Doctor wanted to solve that mystery.

“Possibly,” the Doctor said.
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