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Re: Bill Cosby returning to NBC in new family comedy

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The gay couples I personally know and can count as friends would be done on two hands. With kids, one hand. Those are still raising there's to respect adults and authority figures. And only one of the guys is a real flamboyant type, the others give him shit for playing into the stereotype.

I can't say the Modern Family template is one I can relate to. Again, perhaps it's our geography.

That said I always viewed Roseanne as a more white trash, not a blue collar, type template...those I knew. No shortage of that in Nashville Public Schools.

I wouldn't pretend to say I didn't know families with some inner upheaval but that would be some growing up. They would've been the exception. I didn't go to Public School, Private so there's that to help explain the dynamic of my statement. The public school examples I met though various other social outlets.

Seventh Heaven is the last successful sitcom I can recall that fit into the mold of what Cosby is wanting to return to. That ended, what, early 00's?
I wasn't even thinking in terms of gay couples or poverty level, I was thinking more along the lines of parent-child relationships. They are rarely so easy going and perfect as older sitcoms would have you believe. Real life is complicated, not solved with kind words and a hug in 30 minutes. I used to enjoy shows like 7th Heaven or Family Matters but I stopped watching because it was just too fake, too unrealistic and cheesy.

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...there's a reason that current shows have moved away from the image of the loving, forgiving, wholesome doesn't exist. It's not realistic (I especially laughed at his comment that the show will have "children who respect the parenting").
I've seen this said by others in media. They often say and repeat it in the subconscious hope that if it's said often enough, even more people will believe this myth and so on... Denying the existence of families like this helps the dysfunctional boost their own self esteem at the expense of others. It's not a proud moment when we try to convince people who are happy with their lives that the world sucks by continually feeding them depressing fare until they are just as unhappy as we are. I'm tired of the dark heroes and I'd like better; optimistic. Star Trek used to be like that.
I prefer optimistic shows as well. Who says that dysfunctional families aren't also happy? I don't see the two as being at odds. I think that a sitcom, or any show, can accurately portray dysfunction as well as love and closeness. They both exist in every family (well at least I hope there is love in every family). I don't think a show like Modern Family is depressing at all, but to me it more accurately displays a family dynamic than something like The Cosby Show.

I think that we do families a disservice by presenting them with an idealistic vision of what the "perfect American family" should be, when they won't ever be able to live up to that and may feel like they've somehow failed. But really they haven't failed at all, it is okay and normal for families to have conflict within them. The real world just isn't so black and white, and I think people have come to appreciate media that reflects the gray areas.
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