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Re: doors to quarters have no locks / crew have no expectation of priv

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Yes... if the doors were locked, Lenny & Squiggy would not be able to barge in unexpectedly on Beverly & Deanna.....
Well, both Lenny and Squiggy have actually appeared on Star Trek...
Ah! Thanks, Christopher! I remember Michael McKean's creepy clown from Voyager, but I had forgotten the exact role David Lander had played (a Ferengi on TNG), remembering only vaguely a TV Guide photo featuring a group of the better-known Trek guest stars.

Lenny & Squiggy's trademark entrances (door slams open *BANG* "Hello!") were a running a joke with my old college roommate & me. He eventually went on to a job in television and I have a fine picture of him together with Lander when they met at some Hollywood event. Just the thought of that photo still makes me laugh.
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