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Re: First look inside the new Stellar Cartography

^ Well, there could, if you mean in a book format like StCh as opposed to the big fold out posters of StCa. It's just whether it would be deemed to sell enough.

Deranged Nasat
, exactly. I see someone else has studied the names of all the stars on it as much as I did

Other random examples that are included would be Fellebia, only coming from a throwaway line from Phlox in ENT: Unexpected "When in Fellebia, do as the Fellebians do."

Vitar, presumably the home Vitarian wool, a type of fabric used in some clothes Garak sold to Morn in that oh so very memorable scene from DS9: Way of the Warrior (joke)

and Neethia, from a Neethian cradlefish, throwaway line in ENT: Vox Sola

So yeah, it can be fairly random. I imagine it must have been pretty hard to put together, however they did it; watching 700 episodes with a pen and paper in hand writing down notes maybe!

Even after Stellar C, I'm still gonna prefer to look at the Star Charts. Finding it fun now every time I watch a random Trek episode I'll look up the relevant planet/area of space they're in said episode and see what their general route is.
Before The Adversary I watched TNG: Chain of Command, and it's cool looking up Minos Korva, the McAllister C-5 nebula, Celtris, Lyshan, Tohvun, and Torman, just from that two-parter.

But I really do admire and love the care, attention and detail that went into it.
One of my favourite such things is the Rogue planet in the Dark Matter in Cardassian space (from DS9: A Time To Stand / Rocks and Shoals.) At the end of that Season 6 opener their warp drive is fried, and Dr Bashir says without warp it will take them "Seven years, two months and three days" to reach the closest Federation starbase.

So the fastest they could go is full impulse, which is the speed of light. If you work it out going at that speed in that amount of time it would work out the base is just over 4 light years away… and if you look at the map, using the scale key, there is an outpost, Gamma 7, 4 light years away.

IMO that's pretty cool.

The only problem is looking at Gamma 7 on Memory Alpha-
It's meant to be near the DMZ, which in its location there it isn't really.

* Hope it's ok to use that picture, let me know if not and I'll remove it. I just found the background maps pic from a google image search

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