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Re: Bill Cosby returning to NBC in new family comedy

I'd say there's a middle ground between dysfunctional and idyllic. You don't need to have the father constantly strangling his child, and you don't need to show picture perfect children doing whatever their parents say either.

Also, I've noticed that people who grow up with parents having money have a lower threshold for calling a family dysfunctional than people who don't. Upper middle class kids who grew up with a harmonious family tend to see that as the standard for everybody and everything else as a deviation.

I'd definitely like to see sitcoms move away from the 'Sarcastic 20-somethings hooking up' formula. Just because it worked with Seinfeld and Friends doesn't mean every other show has to be like that for the next 20 years.

There are far more loving, forgiving families out there now than there are wholesome ones. Show me a wholesome family and I'll show you a teenager who's really good at hiding his porn stash.
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