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Re: First look inside the new Stellar Cartography

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As I said earlier in this thread, it was a shame how this didn't really update the Star Charts to include ENT s2-4. Anyway I was just randomly watching DS9: The Adversary (season 3 finale) and noticed a couple of omissions there.

Barisa Prime is noted as a Federation colony near Tzenkenthi space, yet whilst paging through the Star Charts while watching the ep I couldn't find it marked anywhere (which is odd as Barisa Prime is listed on the big list of UFP planets on the first fold out map)

And there's also the Tzenkethi colony world the Defiant is heading for to attack. Its name escapes me, but it wasn't marked on the map either; there's just the Tzenketh homeworld.

So that was just a random ep I watched, which makes me wonder how many other minor omissions there may be on it, which again, it's a shame they couldn't have been fixed for Stellar C
M’Kemas is the system in question, and I agree that it’s unfortunate that both M’Kemas and Barisa were omitted. It’s strange that while certain liberties were taken in order to flesh out other alien territories – interpreting Klingon and Romulan, even First Federation, ship names as star systems, for instance – some regions are left far barer than they need to be. The Talarians are another example – Talar and Galen are included, but Castal and Woden (two systems easily placed within the vicinity of Talarian space) are not. Contrast with the Ferengi Alliance and its stellar neighbourhood, where almost every obscure system is featured, including those mentioned once in offhand comments and those extrapolated from demonyms – the Ludugia System features, name taken from the Ludugial gold that Ferengi were trading in during one episode of TNG. This inconsistency is rather odd, in my opinion; many obscure systems were omitted even in spite of being readily linked to certain small areas – M’Kemas, Barisa, Castal, etc – while many others were meticulously featured.

Similarly, and as you've noted, the list of Federation member worlds names planets that don’t actually appear on the map, while Whatever-ian Wool or Wherehaveyou-ian Ale is acknowledged with a relevantly named star system in the Cardassian Union or surrounding neutral territory (DS9 did quite well out of this). We have Inkaria, Delavi and Rudellia, but oddly no Lissepia, despite that world being mentioned about twice a season. Nor is Luria shown, despite Morn being of considerably more interest than Delavian Chocolate . Obscure Federation worlds from the movies are sometimes included – Kazar, Aaamazzara - but others – Kashet, Efros, Arken – are not. It's all so very arbitrary and confusing...

There seem to be some updates to this "new edition" - Mirada, Devos and Ventani have been added to the Dominion War map of Cardassian-proximate territories, and I think Cold Station 12 made it in (as, strangely but happily, did Vanguard Station). I would have liked for every system to be included, though.
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