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Re: NuTrek's Faulty Moral Compass

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But do you want to chance that part of the Narada and her crew survives the fall through the black hole to wreck havoc on some other part of the timeline?
I realize we're talking about magical black holes that work to suit the plot here, but how is it that the Narada was supposed to actually travel through this black hole when it was pretty much inside of it? I guess magic.
During his mind meld with nuKirk, Spock Prime said that the Narada had fallen through a black hole created by red matter and gone back in time to the Kelvin. Spock Prime had fallen through that same black hole, too. It's not like it wasn't already explained earlier in the movie what the danger was.
Uh, yeah, that's so painfully obvious, and you clearly missed the point.
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