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Re: You know what really irks me about "Insurrection"?

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Are you suggesting that if a similar set of circumstances occurred in the Primeverse there would be a different outcome?

Interesting notion. Off the top of my head I don't see why things would have gone differently just by virtue of being in a different timeline, but it's possible that Starfleet regulations regarding the PD are different between the two timelines as well, or that Pike or his superiors would be different enough people to rule differently regarding Kirk.

I thought that whole bit about the PD in "Into Darkness" was a not-so-subtle slap at the whole "let them die!" nature of the TNG-era Prime Directive.

Maybe I'm reading too much into it, though.
I figure Starfleet Command would have been fine with Kirk saving the planet if he hadn't flown the Enterprise over them in plain view.

Heck even Spock kept saying they hadn't actually violated the Prime Directive until that happened.
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