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Re: First look inside the new Stellar Cartography

As I said earlier in this thread, it was a shame how this didn't really update the Star Charts to include ENT s2-4. Anyway I was just randomly watching DS9: The Adversary (season 3 finale) and noticed a couple of omissions there.

Barisa Prime is noted as a Federation colony near Tzenkenthi space, yet whilst paging through the Star Charts while watching the ep I couldn't find it marked anywhere (which is odd as Barisa Prime is listed on the big list of UFP planets on the first fold out map)

And there's also the Tzenkethi colony world the Defiant is heading for to attack. Its name escapes me, but it wasn't marked on the map either; there's just the Tzenketh homeworld.

So that was just a random ep I watched, which makes me wonder how many other minor omissions there may be on it, which again, it's a shame they couldn't have been fixed for Stellar C
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