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Re: Bill Cosby returning to NBC in new family comedy

What has NBC got to lose? When it tanks, they'll just pull it and put on something else. Bill Cosby would've been so much smarter and so much more successful, if he'd either change his image, or at least, not insist on making himself the focus of the show. Having him as the sweet old grand-dad in some edgey comedy, would seem like more of a sure-thing. But T.V. ratings do not mean what they used to, anymore. Abysmal ratings that were completely unacceptable to a network before, are now the goal they struggle to achieve. The assumption that is there that Cosby's got his own, built-in audience to justify the show isn't entirely without merit, it's simply overrated. There is no hype, here. This series will tank before it makes its 13th episode.
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