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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

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Surprised you missed it, it was kind of a big deal.
vaguely remember hearing about it now that it was brought up, but wouldn't have come to mind. 2 NFC teams in an out of market game, and don't think it was televised locally. Or if it was, I watched the other 1pm game with better teams than Philly or the Lions. Can't tell you from memory if the Pats played the 1pm or the 430pm that day, but if they played the 430, the 1pm must have been other AFC teams I was more interested in. I DO remember the star wars pic now that I see it again.

And the media may try to overuse the term and make it generic, but quick search has it showing up for the 1985 game and the 2002 Pats/Raiders game I mentioned as the top picks by far (and on wiki). There are Philly references, but you have to keep looking.

You can say "tuck rule" to reference the Pats game and have people get it, but think it's a perspective thing. Around here it's mostly thought of as the Snow Bowl I think, whereas maybe outside the area (or generally anywhere that doesn't like the Pats or wants to put the negative connotation behind it) it's known first as the Tuck Rule game...
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