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Re: STO: TrekBBS Armada and House of TrekBBS - Fleet discussion and FA

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I am new to STO. Regarding your TrekBBS fleets, how many members areD there in it?
Difficult to estimate, because we don't purge the roster from players who are on hiatus since we have the roster space to spare for now.
Also most of us have several alts in the fleet, so not every character is a different toon.
We hovered around 50-60 individual players at some point, though not all of them are still active.
there are probably a dozen or so players who are active in the game at any given time (not around the clock), but not everybody of those is regularly contributing, since the game demands so many resources for personal stuff, too.

So if you are looking for a fleet that is buzzing with activity you will have a hard time with the Armada.
On the other hand, the fleet won't ever demand anything from you.
We have a very basic progression plan. After a short grace period you get regular membership pretty much right after you have shown, that you are not just joining the plunder the bank.
Once you are more familiar with the game you get the premium membership in the fleet with extended privileges.

Everything is extremely casual, so no other wild hoops to jump through to gain advantages like decent high end gear access through teh fleet vendors and discounts.
I am not really sure that the Fleet, in which my Starfleet character is, is good. Very few people are active, like one or two, and I think that's because the majority are from a different region from mine, and I didn't know that when I got the invite. And it is small, with only 30 members.
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