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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

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E4 have commissioned an alternative reality show called Alt:

E4 have announced details of their new drama pilot ALT.

The 60-minute pilot - written by Jamie Mathieson (Being Human, FAQ About Time Travel) - enters production this month, and will be directed by Ben Caron (My Mad Fat Diary).

ALT stars Gethin Anthony (Game of Thrones) as 24-year-old Danny, who finds himself transported to a parallel universe with his ex-best friend Milo, played by Craig Roberts (Submarine).

The full synopsis for the new drama reads: "Imagine: that mate you dumped months ago because he's a tool, rings you out of the blue and asks for help. You go round and he's tripping. Banging on about parallel worlds and killers with swords and you're not really listening to be honest.

"And the next thing you know the world's changed. Literally changed. Your girlfriend, who was kind of the love of your life, no longer even recognises you. Dead relatives are suddenly alive again. And someone who looks just like you is living your life. Badly."

I wonder if it's the show's publicist or just the news site that can't be bothered to proofread their blurbs.
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