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Re: Bill Cosby returning to NBC in new family comedy

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...there's a reason that current shows have moved away from the image of the loving, forgiving, wholesome doesn't exist. It's not realistic (I especially laughed at his comment that the show will have "children who respect the parenting").
I've seen this said by others in media. They often say and repeat it in the subconscious hope that if it's said often enough, even more people will believe this myth and so on... Denying the existence of families like this helps the dysfunctional boost their own self esteem at the expense of others. It's not a proud moment when we try to convince people who are happy with their lives that the world sucks by continually feeding them depressing fare until they are just as unhappy as we are. I'm tired of the dark heroes and I'd like better; optimistic. Star Trek used to be like that.

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Today's audience only wants to see dysfunctional. The more dysfunctional the better. I applaud what Cosby wants to do. I will certainly tune in and can only hope that it will be good.
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