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Re: Best TV Show Ever Comes to DVD End of April

Gary Mitchell wrote: View Post
I've been rewatching it and I'm at the beginning of season 2. I've been trying to drag it out as long as possible so this is good news. The bad news is I won't be able to afford it.
It is too bad because Netflix doesn't seem to bother with disc sets of old shows anymore. Hopefully before too long they will start to turn up second-hand, for more reasonable prices.

ToddPence wrote: View Post
I would rather hear the news that I'd just tested positive for HIV than hear that Shout Factory had the rights to my favorite TV show. This is one of the worst DVD release companies out there, an amateurish outfit that has a history of botching the release of several classic shows. Keep your fingers crossed that HSB comes out okay.
I've never heard that. I have two complete series sets from them and am quite satisfied, and on the music side their English Beat set was superb at a pretty amazing price. Aside from quality, they seem to have a better handle on making a go of old properties than anyone else out there, and negotiating original music rights to boot. So I'll gladly take Shout!Factory over the status quo of two out-of-print seasons of HSB, and hope they keep at it.
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