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Re: Actors' personalities vs. their character's personalities

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Have to disagree. I really liked TNG, for the most part. It wasn't perfect, but it was still good to watch.

One of the really different ones, Brent Spiner. Love Data. Don't really like him that well as a person. He seems rather arrogant and snobby. Saw a Star Trek documentary awhile back that really put his personality into perspective. It really made me not like him that much. Respect him on his gun views, but not on his SOPA views. Pass. The latter just went too far.

Data on the other hand, win. Love how he tried to be human through the series. Respected him for that, it's not easy.
Politics aside, I find it really hard to read Spiner based on his interviews and convention appearances. I tend to think that the "arrogance" that he portrays is kind of an act, a form of him trying to be funny.

Comments like acting beside his "favorite actor" when he was playing both Data and Lore/Soong, often come off as arrogant, but I definitely think they're meant to be comedic.

When TNG was on the air, Spiner refused to do interviews at first, while all the other actors were happy to. (I recently read this in an interview with one of the writers for a few of the sci-fi magazines at the time). I could also see this as him being arrogant or full of himself, but it could also very well be that he's simply uncomfortable around the press, as many other actors are. He's also been much more reachable for interviews and press since TNG has ended (and even after they had done a few seasons)

That said, sunglasses inside, especially during interviews or talks, always leave me with a bad taste...

Edit: This got me to searching and I found that Brent Spiner did an AMA on Reddit a while ago and think it supports the idea that he's really not arrogant, that's just his public persona/act.

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