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Re: What are the core and best episodes?

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I am trying to create a list of the best and core episodes of Enterprise so I can try to lighten the load on my brother when I show him Enterprise. What episodes am I missing and what episodes do I not need?
It might be easier to list the "skippers". It's only 4 years.

For GODS sake do not show him the abortion that is called TATV. I've seen some chat about it here, I wont as there is a TATV thread for that.

But scratch it off your DVD's, erase it from Netflix... whatever you have to do.

The series more aptly ended with Terra Prime.

I'll list my Top Ten to help you out. (can't miss episodes in my book)

#1. Carbon Creek (S2)
#2. Observer Effect (S4)
#3. The Vulcan Arc (S4)
#4. Dead Stop (S2)
#5. First Flight (S2)
#6. Twilight (S3)
#7. Terra Prime / Demons (S4)
#8. Similitude (S3)
#9. The Seventh (S2)
#10. Azati Prime through Zero Hour (S3)

An Enterprise viewing wouldn't be complete without IAMD Part I&II also.

Of you want, I'll throw together a "skippers" list for you.
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