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Re: Happy Birthday De

DeForrest Kelly was always one of my favorite actors. When he smiled, it was always infectious. It always made me want to smile. Few actors could do that for me. He was a man of good humor, with a kind heart. He played McCoy so perfectly.

I think Urban, for the most part, was a good choice to carry the torch. But I'm not sure if it's the writing or the performance, or the directing, but sometimes it seems Urban forces it a bit more than he should. It never seemed that De was acting. He was only natural. The only time I noticed, in twenty-five years of him playing the character, that seemed like he was acting was the scene in The Undiscovered Country when the Klingon's leave after the state dinner, when he says "I'm going to go find a pot of black coffee." He delivered the line perfectly, as only he can, but he had his hand on the uniform to peel it down so the flap was open for most of the shot, as if waiting for his cue. Aside from that, his performances were never anything less than perfect.
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