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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

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^I think he may have been actually been talking about the Philly/Detroit game this year. They tried the first PAT conversion in that game and then completely gave up on it from that point on.
Hmm, gotta at least start coming up with NEW clever nicknames for games I guess, as that's not where my mind went at all. Given past history, I assumed he was going with the previous Snow Bowl game (also known as Tuck Rule game). At least whenever they try and call a new game at Lambau Field an Ice Bowl game, they try and attach a number to it (Ice Bowl 3) or whatever. Otherwise it's lazy and confusing. "You know, from the Super Bowl. uh, which one?"

Anyway, didn't see that game, but will take your word for it. What's the last game prior to that you can think of? Try to Success rate is, again, well north of 99%, so not so sure it ISN'T automatic, other than the occasional time God votes no due to extreme weather.

Not sure I care that much one way or the other, just see it as a waste of time and automatic. Good time to go take a piss or grab a beer. Scored the TD, you know you're getting 7. Either just make it official and save the time/freak injury risk, or do something to make it worth watching.

Slightly further back (even a 35 yard FG isn't automatic, although generally successful), gone completely in favor of just getting 7 points (or 6 plus a 2-point conversion try, your choice), or even go all conversion tries. 1 point from the 1 yard line, 2 points from 4-5 yards out?

Way it's done now is tough to say matters, outside of "it's always been that way" which isn't a compelling argument.
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