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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

More people discovering OitNB...

I like this comment: “Orange” is a show starring women and created by women, but it is not marketed as a show for women.

Nice Q&A with one of OitNB's writers.

Girls going stir crazy?

Samira dressed up.

Ah... "everyone" dressed up.

This next link is to a strange interview with Natasha Lyonne... strange because of the interviewer, not because of the "interviewee".

This is a pretty good general/all around OitNB vid, but it includes scenes that are NSFW (yep that shower scene is one), so I can't link it BUT if you searched. " Orange is the New Black - we no speak americano" you would undoubtably find it.

This one I can link, since there's no shame in swag.

Oh... and I little teaser for what to look for in season 2!

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