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Re: You know what really irks me about "Insurrection"?

BillJ wrote: View Post
Seems like raining death from above on the people of Neural would be a major Prime Directive no-no.
Actually they would be pointed out into space at the Klingons

sonak wrote: View Post
then when it comes to dealing with certain Alpha Quadrant powers, you're gung-ho about gunboat diplomacy and orbital death cannons!
Only the ones that diplomacy doesn't seem to work with unless they blow up their own moon and even then some of them think a suicidal charge is preferable to negotiating peace to the point that they kill their leader and conspire with Federation citizens to not have to work with Federation citizens.

Also with the Cardassians they didn't need orbital death cannons just observation outposts to monitor the DMZ like the had with the Romulans to keep an eye on them since after trying to screw the federation over about three times they should probably stop trusting them Cardassians so much.
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