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Re: Starfleet Starship Insignia was all supposed to be the same?

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The usual line being that it was adopted fleetwide to honor the Enterprise, which I think is pretty disrespectful to all the other accomplished Starfleet crews that must be out there.
Why can't they have a little competition? What's disrespectful about it?
Because it isn't a sports team.
"Captain! The U.S.S. Hood is hailing us--an emergency distress call! Their warp engines are about to flare up like an exploding sun with no way to stop it. They have only about an hour left, and we're only a half hour away. Shall I lay in a course for their position to begin rescue operations?"

"Negative! Next week is the every-seven-years Insignia-Picking Week. If the Hood and its crew are out of the running, our ship will be a shoe-in to win the friendly competition! The hell with 'em. I want the entire fleet to be proud of our ship, our insignia. The Hood (well, the Hood II) will just have to redouble their efforts at avoiding catastrophic warp engine failures seven years from now.
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