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Re: TV: A reboot or a new crew?

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Drew decreasing ratings with every attempt after TNG.
And yet TNG (a series with a new crew, new ship, and new adventures) was a ratings success.
Yeah and then the next three shows weren't.
Of those three shows, two of them did well enough in their respective venues to run just as long as TNG did, however. Only the last one didn't.
Ryan8bit wrote:
A spinoff can work, or it can't. Using DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise only as examples of them not working seems to ignore examples of it actually working, and the other inherent problems of them, least of which was that they weren't Kirk and Spock.
Agreed, although in the case of DS9 and VOY it was more that those shows did work, but not at the generally unheard of scale as TNG (syndicated/upstart network dramas usually don't even come remotely close to rivaling--much less sometimes even beat--the big network shows). On their own, though, they did very well against other similar (action-adventure drama) shows in syndication.
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