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Re: TV: A reboot or a new crew?

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Yeah, I always found that was a lame excuse considering that the ratings drops started when it was TNG, DS9, and the occasional movie.
Isn't that by definition when things were starting to be oversaturated?

And anyways, I didn't say that it was just oversaturation alone that made things die, that's just simplifying things too much. That wasn't the point either, but rather that if they had made a reboot of the original series at that time, there's no way it would have wildly outperformed the others because the franchise still had all the other negatives still going for it.

A spinoff can work, or it can't. Using DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise only as examples of them not working seems to ignore examples of it actually working, and the other inherent problems of them, least of which was that they weren't Kirk and Spock.

I don't think there have really been that many spin offs without only the most minor of connections to the main show that went far.
I can't even parse what you're trying to say here.

As for CSI, the only one still standing might as well be one of the spinoffs considering how much of the original cast is still there.
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