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I've survived the holiday season... Beat it down to 153 before I took off from work before Christmas, and got it back there the week after new years. Sitting around there now a week after my work's annual sales conference (which is four days of delicious catering while sitting at conference tables).

This year will be the year I go from straight up weight loss to building some muscle back, since muscle mass has been going down with the weight pretty much everywhere but the legs. I've been a strict calorie counter, using the treadmill as the primary means to keep the intake low enough to lose about two pounds a week. Now I'll be shifting to less treadmill and more cardio routines, plus adding light weights back into the mix (I have a humble set of up to 25 pounds each hand). I intend to do at least 30 minutes of treadmill a day though, so I can still watch SOMETHING in the morning.

And I'm resolving to worry less about the scale, or BMI for that matter; I hope to get into the mindset about how I look and feel, plus what are called NSVs or "Non-Scale Victories" as goals, such as running a distance, doing X flights of stairs at a go, etc.

Here are my top NSVs from 2013:

- Looking loose in a medium size T-shirt (used to rock XL). In August I gave away 17 nerdy XL size t-shirts at an anime convention and it felt GREAT!
- Ditching pretty much my whole pre-marriage wardrobe and buying new stuff in June.
- No longer fitting into a lot of THAT stuff and buying even more clothes at Christmas.
- Doing my first shirtless scene on stage without even thinking about it or chickening out as I usually did (I'm an improv actor)
- MAJOR VICTORY: reducing my high blood pressure medication dosage by 75%, and possibly getting rid of it altogether in 2014!

In 2014 I wanted to compete in a "Climb the Calgary Tower" fundraiser, but turns out it's on the same weekend as my town's major comic expo, so no-go on that one. :P Looking for similar goals instead - for example, my company president climbs the 114 storeys of the CN Tower every year. Also, my pipe dream of filling a proper S1-2 TNG costume, or for that matter a Sentai cosplay may not happen this year, but it's definitely something to aim for!

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Oh, I like that Trek thing too...
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