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Re: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Posting what I did in the 2014 Movie Thread

I've seen all the Jack Ryan films in theaters so I felt a bit of obligation to the character to check this out. I was 13/14 when Hunt for Red October came out. Just old enough to have seen some Connery Bond films, seen him with Harrison Ford the year before and all the trailers made the sub sequences look intense, I was there. I recall thinking then there weren't many teens in the audience.....not much has changed except now I'm not a teen.

It's a solid film in and of itself. While watching it I didn't note any glaring omissions or plot holes. Someone may point them out, I'm going to pop in to the review thread later, but at the time I felt on first viewing it holds up. The pacing is done well and the elements come together in the finale nicely.
Chris Pine does solid work and the trailers don't do justice to the analytical work noted in the film. The trailer just shows his action moments. While I've never read a Jack Ryan novel(I know I should) it's clear from the Baldwin/Ford years that his analyst, almost detective like mind is his biggest asset.

Kevin Costner as his handler is a nice touch of Hollywood royalty involved in this incarnation. My biggest issue is with how they wrote Keira Knightly's Cathy as a very insecure, nosey individual who was as much a hinderance at times as an asset.

Overall a worthwhile film but it only has about 2 sequences really that scream "cooler" on the big screen. And I do like more than that when I pay full theater price. My honest assessment is if you can see it for $5-8 at the cinema you should. I'd like to see another installment now that the "groundwork" film is out of the way. I paid $12 cause the matinee show options at Nashville Regal chains are not convenient for my schedule. If it's a Netflix/Redbox viewing for you I don't think you'll feel disappointed at all.

Having read through the replies I had the same thought as Mr.Light about the dog!! I have 2 dogs myself so I had to know the moment he's seen walking back into the hotel sans dog, where's the dog now?!! My off the cuff off film explanation was that as a Golden and/or Lab mix it was smart enough to find it's way home unharmed and Jack released him somewhere safe.

Gaith wrote: View Post
Do we really need another white male spy? (And yes, the fact that this is a contemporary reboot makes Pine's Ryan "another".)

With a $17m, fourth-place debut, the answer would seem to be "nyet".
Kinda hung up on white male a bit aren't you?
Making race an issue, ok then. Well then where was the black audience when Tyler Perry brought Alex Cross to the big screen? Taking over the character for Morgan Freeman. Freeman who made two well received turns in the role. Like Ford with Ryan I've often thought Freeman not doing a third Cross was a shoe in and should've been done. Both men's second turns at the the characters were profitable.
Tyler Perry has a following, so where was the black audience? It's fair to call the film a test balloon that popped if RACE is THE factor for your complaint then. If it makes you feel better Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher didn't do super hot either domestically. It's WW would be the only saving grace. Cross' WW was nearly non-existence. Racist global movigoers.

I thought Alex Cross was a well done film. That chase through the parking garage. The psychotic with a code played by Matthew Fox was great. Cross' determination and professional code of ethics equally at play were well done....still, where was the audience?

Be above petty "another white male spy" comments, that doesn't move society ahead when you reach back to pull out tropes best left behind.
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