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Re: TV: A reboot or a new crew?

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All new crew set in the Prime Universe.
Yep. I'd look forward to that. I'd also prefer four new Trek series with four different crews and installations over the next 20 years over 5 Trek movies over the next 20 years. Just imagining four different series with different show-runners, different writers, different directors - would do more to entertain me - than five more big budget Kirk & Spock and Uhura and Chekov and Scotty flicks. Enough already.

Of course, we're talking Hollywood - which has made how many boring Superman movies featuring the origin tale in one form or another? (or Spiderman - two?) How many Superman movies in the next 20 years will tell his 'origin'? Hollywood... in many ways, sucks. You know that most likely within the next 20 years if they keep making trek movies, there will beanother one about Kirk in his early days. It's just the Hollywood way - 'the origin movie did well, let's remake it, reboot it!'

Ryan8bit wrote: View Post
People are drawn more to characters. Kirk & crew are good ones, but after a while it gets played out. Any kind of TV reboot would have to reimagine their characters to make them fresh and vital. A 50 year-old crew just isn't going to cut it on TV without some retooling.

For me, the interest in seeing new characters is just because I'm tired of Spock, Worf, or Kira. You can do spins on them, or just make new ones. But the new ones have to be good. You can't just throw in token characters like Mayweather and Kim. The problem with shows like Voyager and Enterprise was that most of the characters were too dull or unlikeable.
Just saw your message, and agree. There are many popular shows on TV I don't currently watch (just because- I don't actually have the time to watch 50 hours of tv a week)- one of them Brooklyn Nine Nine, won some Golden Globes recently. I heard some interview this week where they compared the show to Barney Miller. I don't know if that's reasonable or preposterous, but I know the actors don't play the same characters as were on Barney Miller. Almost makes me wonder if there's some message board out there with fans clamoring for a new show with new actors playing Barney and Fish and Wojo and Yemana (yeah I had to look a couple of them up on wiki)... I'd love a new series or two that are Star Trek shows but I do not need the characters to be Kirk and Scotty and Wojo and Yemana.

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