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Re: Starfleet Starship Insignia was all supposed to be the same?

@ CrazyMatt

interesting anecdote, thanks for sharing!

Christopher wrote: View Post
The usual line being that it was adopted fleetwide to honor the Enterprise, which I think is pretty disrespectful to all the other accomplished Starfleet crews that must be out there.
Why can't they have a little competition? What's disrespectful about it? Every seven years or so one starship will turn out to have accomplished the most. Disappointed it's not the insignia of your ship? Double your efforts and next time your starship may turn out to be the one honored?

Besides, different insignias emphasize it's about individual ships out there in the unknown making individual decisions and not asking for approval from Starfleet Command each time a difficult decision has to be made.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Essentially, fandom ignored the "Court-martial" evidence altogether.
And why not? By the time of "The Doomsday-Machine" and "The Omega Glory" (and "The Ultimate Computer", for me at least) it inevitably looked like a changed premise.

It boils down to the philosophical question whether we should honor the original intentions or what actually ended up onscreen, which usually is the common base of reference because it doesn't exclude those that are not that familiar with all the behind-the-scenes production anecdotes.

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So the old belief has been pretty thoroughly overwritten/discredited by now.
The old "belief" had been established within the same body of work (i.e. TOS).

The arrowhead has become a trademark for Star Trek, so it doesn't come as big surprise that productions claiming to be Star Trek make use of it, IMHO.

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