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Pondwater and Mari, those are both amazing. Kira's Mom, love your stitching too, as usual. I love seeing arts and crafts stuff here alongside the usual excellent photos.

A few weeks ago I finished cross stitching this bookmark, and yesterday I sewed on the tassel and backing felt. I'm horrible with finishing my projects, so I'm proud the bookmark only took weeks and not months to finish off. I love Celtic designs and bright colours.

This photo is of the page written by my grandfather (1894-1975) in my mother's "poesie", a Dutch autograph-type book, in 1935. My mother was eight at the time and, yes, that really was my grandfather's freehand writing. I remember my mother telling me that her father would be asked to fill in people names on certificates and other such work because his penmanship was so good. My cousin showed me the page our grandfather wrote in her poesie, and in 1969 his penmanship was still as good as it had been in 1935.

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