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Re: Favorite Doctor Who alien race?

Actually there's one thing that really annoys me about pretty much all of the major DW aliens. People get on Star Trek's case for having 'planets of the hats' - all members of a certain alien race acting and looking alike - but it is literally the case with Doctor Who aliens far more often than it is not.

Daleks - Metal boxes. Yes, there are subtleties in designs, but in the vast majority of cases individuality is specifically bred out of them. All just 'Daleks.'

Cybermen - Specifically designed to all be the same, certainly the modern versions. That's their whole point.

Sontarans - Cloned warriors, so that - what a surprise - they all look the same and can be portrayed by the same actor. The one time they have a Sontaran who acts different - Strax - they get complaints that he's not a real Sontaran anymore.

Silurians - All of the same "gene line" or some such, so that they can all look the same and be portrayed by the same actors.

Weeping Angels - Some slight differences to their looks but they don't even talk so it's impossible to call any of them individuals.

Ood - All look the same, and they're telepathically connected so they all act the same too.

Silence - All look the same. They even relied on that to make us think Clara was in trouble in "TotD."

And so on. Alien races are made interesting by adding complexity, things to be interested by. Pretty much all DW aliens are one singular gimmick blown up to be an entire race.

All that being said, I do enjoy the Angels - they just need to be used sparingly or else they lose their bite, rather like the Borg.

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