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Re: Fantastic Four reboot-- Casting, Rumors, Pix, ect;

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Having part of a pair and not the other part a different race raises the specter of tokenism.
You took the post right out of my fingers; I was beginning to wonder if anyone even knew that word anymore. That's exactly what this re-racing of characters is. I'm surprised people like Sam Jackson put up with it.
Well, the artist/writer of the Ultimate universe thought it would be cool if Nick Fury looked like Sam Jackson...
When Nick Fury first made his appearance in the Ultimate Universe, he had a vastly different design, resembling more the original mainstream version with notable differences, featuring a full head of close-cropped hair, a clean-shaven, younger appearance (particularly as depicted in Ultimate Marvel Team-Up) and less visible scarring around his eye-patch, not to mention lacking a specific resemblance to any actor. He wore seemingly normal clothing which integrated outlandishly high-tech capabilities such as phasing, invisibility, and "para-shoes" that allow him to descend hundreds of feet without the aid of a parachute (shown to be capable of flight in later issues).[2]

When the character resurfaced in 2002 in The Ultimates, he had been redesigned to look like actor Samuel L. Jackson. Jackson did not originally give his consent for Marvel Comics to use his likeness in their redesign of the Fury character for The Ultimates,[3] and first appeared with this revised look in The Ultimates #1, as drawn by Bryan Hitch. The similarity is even noted within the comic itself, in a scene in which the Ultimates discuss who they think should play each of them in a hypothetical movie about the team. Fury's answer for himself is "Mr. Samuel L. Jackson, of course, no discussion." It was only after seeing the redesigned Nick Fury in the first issue of The Ultimates that Samuel L. Jackson learned of the use of his likeness and contacted Marvel in order to secure the role of Nick Fury in any future movies which will feature the character.
Though in the main universe they introduced the original Nick Fury's biracial, out-of-wedlock, son of him who is bald and black and wears an eyepatch as a reaction to the popularity of the Sam Jackson/Ultimate version...,_Jr.
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