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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

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Wouldn't change anything for scoring, or scenario books, or anything, as it's exactly the way it is now. Just saves time by not forcing the automatic kick first. Your decision to go for 2 or not would be exactly the same, and for the same reasons.
Was going to mention the Snow Bowl, so I'm glad Alidar brought it up. The inability to kick and the choice to go for 2 (except for the one one miss, which was hilarious) made that game much more interesting.
Also glad he brought it up. Meant that you had to go back 12 years and found one example of a game played in total blizzard conditions where the extra point wasn't totally automatic. If you had come up with an easier list of games played in the last decade, and not in complete disaster conditions, it would have been a decent rebuttal. Since the Snow Bowl was unique (and thus you can just say Snow Bowl and know what game it was), point pretty much stands. Extra Points are successful to the tune of something like 99.5% (give or take, but it's over 99%) of the time. That's as automatic as you can make anything in football.

Award it automatically, or make them kick a 35 yard FG, don't really care, but they're wasting our time with it as is. Willing to bet they can figure out scoring statistics, since there are armies of nerds who do that for a living. There will be a way to figure out that 7 is the new 6, pretty sure. Something about converting by subtracting 1...

BTW, if the extra point was impossible and hilarious in the Snow Bowl, how awesome was Vinatier's 45-yard FG to tie the game at the end of regulation?

Edit: guess there are a couple games that could be referred to as the Snow Bowl (lazy nicknames I suppose), but obviously assumed Pats/Raiders from 2001/2002. Could also have been 85 Packers/Bucs. Can't tell you anything about that one, though...
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