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Re: If Nazi's had not been defeated space timeline reasonable?

I am not so sure he thought like that, Ensign Redshirt. You forget that in spite of being German Chancellor, he actually was Austrian by birth and to my knowledge never became a naturalized German. Hence his obsession with bringing Austria into the Empire.
His use of "Germany" was rather meant in the same sense as "German" in the "Holy Roman Empire of German Nation" as founded by Charlemagne in 800, which ended around 1800. This 100 year old empire was in fact the model for what Hitler called out to be the new 1000 year lasting Empire. In both instances "German" wouldn't refer to a state in the modern sense but to a people or group of peoples.
His intentions to restore an empire lasting 1000 years again shows, imho, that he was in fact planning ahead - or at least pretending to be.
It is, however, very difficult to make a successful guess at what a clearly delusional person thought or dreamt of. Personally, I think once it was clear to him that all was lost, he didn't care much about the rest of the world. The fact that he had no chance left, though, dawned to him only extremely late: while for his generals it was clear as early as 1943 that there was no hope (which triggered several attempts by the military to assassinate him, Stauffenberg's desastrous attemt having been only the most public one), Hitler himself despaired only about 3 days before his suicide. Up to that point he still had plans to rescue himself and his closest followers and if possible restart from somewhere else (presumably from South America where many leading Nazis had fled to).

2takesfrakes, I agree completely that one has to take the Zeitgeist into consideration and that Hitler was a bully and so were his main followers. But I come to different conclusions: if he had died of old age or somehow else gotten out of the way, the leading Nazis would have fought among themselves and one or an alliance of several would have taken over where he had left (i.e. in the position of leading bully).
I don't quite agree to your theory that their main concern was to please him. While I'll admit that not pleasing him was potentially lethal, I am convinced that they also simply enjoyed having power and being hardly limited in (ab-)using it.
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