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Re: Fantastic Four reboot-- Casting, Rumors, Pix, ect;

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I wouldn't care if they made Johnny and Sue black, or all four of them for that matter---I dare them to do it! But to cast Sue and Johnny as people of different color and of the wrong relative ages and then come up with an adoption angle to explain it just seems needlessly convoluted.
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Yeah, that's my complaint. If anything I'm not criticizing them for making Johnny Storm black, I'm criticizing them for making Susan Storm white. Having part of a pair and not the other part a different race raises the specter of tokenism. They're afraid to take the risk of not trying to appeal to minorities while also being afraid to be seen to have too many minorities. I'm hoping they also weren't afraid to have an interracial couple and that influenced their decision.

The idea of an Invisible Woman is more apropos with respect to a black woman, anyway.

It's also worth pointing out that the first theatrical film had an interracial couple, in Ben and Alicia.
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