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Re: Question to those most disappointed with the SW prequels

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Much of the Lucas universe derives from ancient myth and archetypes more than modern literature such as Dune or sci-fi such as 2001 and Star Trek, though I'm certain that one and fairly sure at least two of those had profound influence on the crafting of the SW universe and the characters.

Lucas was more about Joseph Campbell and the ancient Greek writers than he was Frank Herbert.
You know, I know this is the line Lucas became fond of trotting out -- certainly I remember reading a lot about Joseph Campbell in early promo for the prequels -- but I think Steven Hart was 100% correct to point out back in the day that this is bantha poodoo. Lucas' universe owes its substance to the Lensmen and to Barsoom and to 30s serials. (Not to mention to Leigh Brackett.)

It's mainly possible to map Joseph Campbell's notions of archetypes onto it because Campbell is a hugely overrated bullshitter whose criteria for seeing resemblances between the myths out of which he builds his "archetypes" amount to "I say so." (I'm not kidding: the brave should try struggling through his The Masks of God: Primitive Mythology sometime.)
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