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2200's Integrity-Class Starship WIP

Here's a starship design I've been working on for a while - the Integrity-Class, which I imagine was launched in 2200.

Halfway between the NX-class and the Constitution-class, this ship borrows from both eras of design. Also, imagining that the USS Kelvin was launched sometime BEFORE 2233 (maybe 2215, given that the Kelvin appears pretty used when we see her), I chose to borrow lots of elements from that design as well.

Preliminary 3D Animation:
>>>Integrity-Class Flyby on Vimeo<<<
This animation uses an extremely low-poly version of the ship, which I'm slowly re-modeling into the high-detail version.

Low-poly ship, with the beginnings of high-poly bridge module.

Detail of the bridge module.
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