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Re: What Starfleet position would you aim for? (Choose up to 3)

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Is command something you can obtain out of Starfleet or something you work into from other positions?
There's a Command School at the Academy. I might be wrong, but I've always taken it that one would sort of major/minor in the schools. A few examples:

Spock dual-majored in Science and Command. Scotty majored in Engineering and dual minored in Command and Security. Data majored in Operations and minored in Command - which is why Shelby leapfrogged him for the Executive Officer's position in BOBW: she majored in Command, and minored in Tactics. Etc and so on.
I thought Shelby was made XO because Riker wanted everyone where they were, where Picard expected them to be. Making Shelby XO threw a curve ball at the Borg's knowledge of the Enterprise and it's crew. That and her expertise on the Borg made her the right choice for XO.

But me I'd be in R&D, or a quartermaster. I could see myself wheeling and dealing like Radar O'Riely getting supplies to my ship.
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