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Re: Was NCC-1701 active for 40 years?

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If 5-year missions were the norm, Spock wouldn't have served with Pike for 13 years ...
Nothing says that all the time Pike and Spock served together was aboard the Enterprise.

Lot's of other ships in the fleet, plus ground assignments.

They were together on the Enterprise thirteen years prior to Court Martial, and Kirk met
Pike when he became Captain of the ship, in canon there indication that Pike was the ship's Capatin immediately before Kirk.

Not thirteen years*:
KIRK: I took over the Enterprise from him. Spock served with him for several years.
SPOCK: Eleven years, four months, five days.
Just enough time for two fives and a yard period...


*(That's the interval between Pike's visit to Talos IV and Kirk's )
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