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Re: Question to those most disappointed with the SW prequels

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It's a tad wonky unless you think she has a a psychic bond and brainwashing and Force reconstruction of her neural pathways over time all of which are shattered by the builder of these things trying to kill her. Killing the very structures of "love" he has built.
Good stuff.

Rorschach inkblots are so interesting, aren't they!

As to how it worked on the screen without all these interpretations, it didn't IMO. I think the birth scene is terrible, embarrassingly bad. It looks like some clunky 70's sci fi, awkward and disconnected from real people. I went from adoring Padme in TPM to hardly being able to watch her death because it was so cheesy. Even the camera angles are weirdly amateur looking, like a bunch of school kids who had no understanding of birth and death were doing the "okay, and now she dies and ROBOTS!" scene. I remember thinking, I should be crying now but this is fucking awful.

The word regarding the birth scene that came to my mind was "sterile".
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