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Re: Was NCC-1701 active for 40 years?


And yeah, I hated that decision also, but it was easily fixed. The Enterprise-E could have been another Galaxy class ship, just like, when Kirk lost his first one, they gave him an identical replacement. The same could have happened to Picard. That way, Moore and Braga could have had their jollies, and we could continue to have the best starship design Star Trek ever had. It would have been cheaper to the production too. All the modelmakers would have had to do was slap an "E" sticker over the "D".

But no, instead we're stuck with the ugliest starship ever put out.

I'm with ya brother!

They were flat-out ordered by the producers to destroy the D, in in small part because the D was designed for television aspect ratios (being about as tall as she was wide/long) rather than film.[/QUOTE]

This is true of the interior sets, not the exterior of the ship. Could have been fixed by redesigning the sets. Note the Main Bridge with Worf's seat to bring him down into the frame as well as the side stations to keep the sides of the wider frame interesting.
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